Competitive Advantage


In depth knowledge of the industry and advance technologies including systems and appropriate application thereof.


Aware of what is happening and what the possibilities are.


Formation of strategic alliances with businesses and educational institutions in order to provide further value added products and services to meet the needs of students.

Competitive Pricing

Comprehensive range of programmes at competitive pricing  and the quality and affordability of the programmes are important in the training industry

Focus on provision of career-focused, quality and affordable IT-related professional training services

The Group offers a wide range of programmes which are designed to ensure that students obtain the skills sets and qualifications to meet market demands.

Ability to integrate IT professional and academic training

The Group focuses on integrating IT professional training with academic qualifications to meet market demands as the Group believes that having academic and IT professional qualifications improve the employment prospects of the students.

Nationwide network of I World Technology Centers

The Group has a nationwide network of I World Centers located at high traffic areas that are easily accessible, which enables I World to tap and service a larger student base.

Focus on customers

In order to provide students with a competitive advantage, IWorld constantly reviews and upgrades course content to take into account new and emerging technologies. Learning Content is designed on a modular basis to allow flexibility in enrollment and scheduling of classes.

Qualified Consultants

The Group’s consultants have to undergo a strict pre-employment selection process to ensure that they are qualified to deliver Learning Content.

Experienced management team

The Group has a committed and experienced management team that will continue to chart the future development of I World business as well as expansion both locally and regionally.

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