IT Training & Consultancy


Training and Development

I-World is dedicated to supporting the development and professional growth of our students and corporate clients, by providing high-quality training, seminars, and workshops, in a variety of creative ways. In a constant pursuit to achieve higher students’ satisfaction and a more fulfilling educational experience, I-World maintains a consistent practice of collecting feedback and conducts regular evaluation processes to be more responsive to our client’s needs and to stay relevant to the needs of the market.

Technologies Transfer and Consulting

I-World is dedicated to helping companies find the right match of IT courses and IT solutions for their business. We strive to be the finest resource available, allowing our clients to achieve the best practical hands-on training or IT solutions with simple and efficient technology applications. I-World helps your company moving into the right direction with the optimum solution.

Job Placement

I-World has developed a Job Placement Service Program to provide the best connection for employers searching for IT professionals and qualified IT professionals looking for employment. The program provides an effective platform for potential applicants and employers to explore the right match.

Academic Education

Through collaboration with foreign and local universities, I-World Education believes in providing the best results of effective synergy between both IT Professional Certification and Academic Education Qualification, which will ultimately strengthens the knowledge and skills as well as employment prospects of our students.

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Virus/Spyware Removal

Today the vast majority of Windows PC’s are infected with spyware and/or viruses. A PC that is infected may exhibit the following behaviour:

  • Slow overall in general use.
  • Slow startup/shutdown times.
  • Popup windows with advertising or adult content during internet use.
  • Inability to open antivirus/antispyware programs or the task manager.
  • Very high phone bills for international dialing (the PC dials an ISP overseas).
  • Personal or business information may be collected and used for internet fraud or to target advertising.

Unfortunately no one antivirus/antispyware software is able to remove 100% of malicious software from your PC. We use the latest and greatest software and up-to-date technical knowledge to ensure that your PC is clean and running efficiently.


You may often find yourself in a situation where no matter how hard you try, you just can’t fix the problem you’re having. Most people either simply give up at this point or completely reinstall windows – often loosing data in the process. We can solve most problems for you and give you the right advice so you don’t have the same problem in future. No matter what the problem is, give one of our stores a call and we can help.

General Maintenance

A common problem with current PC systems is dust build-up inside the case. Today’s processors create much more heat than in the past and consequently larger and larger fans are being used to increase internal airflow. Air bourne dust particles get deposited and build up on components inside your system. This can cause:

  • Overheating of video cards, CPU etc.
  • Shorting out of components (especially if there is moisture in the air).
  • Intermittent faults such as the dreaded “Blue Screen Of Death” and rebooting.

It is essential to have the interior of the PC cleaned and reassembled every 6 to 12 months to ensure that these problems don’t occur. We perform general services which include this type of cleaning and also:

  • Applying security patches and/or service packs.
  • Ensuring anti-virus and anti-spyware software are present, up to date and
    fuctioning correctly.
  • Tweaking startup items to ensure smooth fast operation.
  • Cleaning out temporary folders to relieve fragmentation and free your storage space.
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