On-Site Training

Need to train a team of people affordably? We can deliver any of the I World classroom course in a private format – at your facility. This saves you money by eliminating Traveling and Accommodation expenses. You also enjoy greater flexibility, customized content, instructor mentoring, more control and thus stronger results.

I World On-Site Advantages

  • Customized Courses: Courses can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. We can tailor the programs to your specific needs and focus on what your people need to know now. We are also able to create additional exercises on requested topics, and even act as facilitators while your team works on their project.
  • Fast, Noticeable Results: Issues can be tackled quickly with the help of I World instruction scheduled around your project schedule.
  • Financial Benefits: Tuition costs for on-site training are discounted and travel expenses for your personnel are saved. If you have more than Six people who require training, it’s less expensive for a I World trainer to come to you than for you to send each of them to open-enrollment classes.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Training can be scheduled at a time that best suits your company.
  • Convenient Location: Students don’t have to travel and are easily accessible during class breaks. You don’t need an expensive classroom set-up, just a computer for each student and Internet connectivity if there are hands-on workshops.
  • Consistent Training: If you send people to different companies for training, they won’t have the same background and reference materials; but if they train together, they will have the same information and have done additional problem solving together.
  • Confidentiality: Intellectual properties crucial to your business can be discussed freely.
  • Targeted Learning: The course can focus on the knowledge gaps specific to your employees.


Our Areas of Experties

we are recruiting expertise and deep knowledge of global and local talent trends combine to provide clients with ready access to a highly qualified candidate pool.

Our Candidate Recruitment Process and Delivery Options ensure in-demand Candidates will be available when and where you need them giving you a competitive advantage by increasing your agility and productivity.

Services to clients:

Once placed, we invest in the long-term success of both our candidates and our clients. We maintain regular communication with the hiring manager to build a true partnership and we offer extensive support to placed candidates to help them realize their growth potential and career objectives.

Our goal is to bring creativity, energy and talent to your teams for both contract and permanent positions. Our global resource team specializes in the recruitment of technology professionals in the areas of:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Quality Assurance Analysis
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