The CompTIA A+

Training course will help you gain the skills needed to enter the IT and computer support specialists workforce.

CompTIA Security+

Certification provides the basic knowledge needed to plan, implement, and maintain information security in a vendor-neutral format. This includes risk management, host and network security, authentication and access control systems, cryptography, and organizational security. This course maps to the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. Objective coverage is marked throughout the course.

The CompTIA Network+

is an information technology (IT) certification exam that confirms an individual possesses the skills in networking required to develop a career in IT infrastructure.

Networking concepts

Explain the purpose of various networking concepts and implement them correctly.


Determine and explain the proper cabling, device and storage technologies.

Network operations

Use best practices to manage the network, determine policies and ensure business continuity.

Network security

Summarize physical security and common cyberattacks along with securing the wired and wireless network.

Network troubleshooting and tools

Explain the network troubleshooting procedures and proper tools to support connectivity and performance.

Time Table

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Through our partnership with CompTIA, the leading provider of internationally recognized technology-neutral and vendor-neutral IT certifications

CompTIA has four IT certification series that test different knowledge standards – from entry-level to expert such as

  • FOUNDATIONAL(IT Fundamentals)
  • PROFESSIONAL(A+, Cloud+, CSA+, Linux+, Security+, Network+, Mobility+, Server+, Project+)
  • SPECIALTY(CDIA+, CTT+, Cloud Essentials)
A+ PC Hareware & Software Maintenance 4 6-9 Feb3-6 Apr6-9 Jun21-24 Aug 23-26 Oct 18-21 Dec
N10-008 Network+ – Networking Essentials 4 24-27 Jan 13-16 Mar 22-25 May 3-6 Jul 4-7 Sep 20-23 Nov
XK0-004 Linux+ 4 13-16 Feb10-13 Apr19-22 Jun14-17 Aug 2-5 Oct 26-29 Dec
SY0-601 Security+ 4 16-19 Jan 27-30 Mar 8-11 May 10-13 Jul 18-21 Sep 27-30 Nov
CAS-003 Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) 4 Upon Request
SK0-005 Server+ 4 20-23 Feb 24-27 Apr 19-22 Jun 7-10 Aug 16-19 Oct 4-7 Dec
DA0-001 Data+ 4 3-6 Jan 27-30 Mar 22-25 May 24-27 Jul 11-14 Sep 13-16 Nov
PK0-004 Project+ 4 Upon Request
CV0-002 Cloud+ 4 9-12 Jan 6-9 Mar 8-11 May 3-6 Jul 11-14 Sep 6-9 Nov
CL0-001 Cloud Essential 4 Upon Request
CS0-002 CySA + 4 13-16 Feb 17-20 Apr 12-15 Jun 18-21 Sep 27-30 Nov
FC0-U51 IT Fundamental 4 Upon Request
PT0-001 PenTest+ 4 Upon Request
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